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I am sent you more details for the kite school and prices and also 

One of the best hotels John & George  that we cooperate .

In reference to the clients' accomodation, I suggest Tolo, -"Georgidakis Yannis"-a co-operator  of mine (you'll find the info needed all attached) There in you can find a range of  2-3 different packages  with net prices upon which you will add the 15% you've asked for.My pricelist will also be net and that means you'll have to add upon them your extra 15%.

In terms of commuting to the kite center and back to the hotel that will be undertaken by the hotel shuttle service.You'll also receive images of all places:Tolo- place of accomodation,Nafplion nearest-by town as well as images of my R.C.K  and the surroundings.


P.s 1  For any further info you may need please do not hesitate to contact both me and Mr Georgidakis.

P.s 2  In every group of 10 people the 11th can attend the kite course free of charge.


Information  about the hotel  

John & George hotel


A brief account of  the R.K.C  

R.K.C is situated  in the most ideal and secure coast  of Greece,  Nafplion

in Peloponnese. Along with all of its necessary licenses, certified trainers of level 2 by 

IKO, having been in the market for 7 years already, it is a renowned and prestigious 

school and referred to as the top one in the kite-surfing training  field in whole 


The weather conditions which prevail in the area are the most suitable ones (shallow 

waters and thermal winds) which means that training is  therefore easy by far. The 

student can feel the bottom level of the sea and the distances on either side are 


What’s in the package?  Theory and Practice that means a. mounting of the kite, b. 

safety, c. handling of the kite (Re-launch, Landing, Body drugging, Water-start etc)

1. Re-launching of the kite right through water

2. Body drugging in the water

3. Evaluation of the weather conditions, and prioritizing your rights against others etc

The whole course takes place in the water and not on the beach with a normal  

four-lines kite. After the completion of the course the trainee is given an IKO 

certification .The training sessions take place daily from  the 1st  of March up to the 

20th of October each and every year.

The facilities are located 1 & 15 min from Athens, only 3 km away from Nafplion

and 10 min drive from Tolo.

Age limit: People who are adults and youngsters over 10 can join the sport.

Things one should bring along: Either swimming costume or shorts , suntan cream, 

sun glasses and of course your very best mood to have fun.


Sport gear we provide: The whole set of the gear which is necessary for your own 

safety such as: life-jacket, helmet as well as  whatever may be needed for your 

training ( kite, board, harness etc) The gear set “ Cabrinha kites & North mod. 2012” 

which will be available to you are the most advisable and strictly in accordance with 

the specifications of the International Federation of  Kite-surfing.

Our Kite Instructors’ Logo :

 “We love and respect what we have been doing  with a great passion so that you can 

experience  the unique feeling of  Kite Surfing through our 7-year  training & IKO  

level 2 certification ”   

                    At R.K.C you can also get involved with more activities like: 

                                      S.U.P,    WATER-SKIING,   WAKEBOARD.

In case that the wind is not satisfactory enough the trainees can be engaged with other 

activities such as water –skiing & wakeboard



Предназначение: Виндсерфинг, Кайтсерфинг
Русговор. Интруктор:
Уровень сложности:

 Виндсерфинг   Кайтсерфинг   Серфинг 

Уровень отелей:
Цены: От 0 до 0 у.е.
Продолжительность перелета: 3 ч.
Расстояние от аэропорта: 80 км.
Виза: Для посещения страны требуется виза

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