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Location: The Old Sofia Studios are located only a few steps behind our Club Mistral Center, very close to the sea.
The Irinikos Studios are located between the Old Sofia Studios and the road to the airport. the distance to our Club Mistral Center at Club Anemos is about 500 m.  

Amenities and facilities: The Old Sofia Studios are located in the wind shadow which makes it convenient accommodation for the whole family. The studios are cleaned two to three times a week. The Irinikos Studios are a little walk away from the beach and the surf center.

Studios: Both studios are very basic but nicely furnished with 2 beds, kitchenette, bath/WC and balcony with sea view. (No sea view at Irinikos)
the Old Sofia Studios now have air conditioning and satellite TV at no extra charge.

Board basis: Self catering. It is possible to pre-book breakfast or halfboard at Club Anemos.

Our opinion: Nice and quiet place to be.


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With Club Mistral in Karpathos you get the chance to experience two fascinating sports - climbing and windsurfing..


News and impressions from Karpathos of Kerstin and Natascha..

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